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Moving and Relocating Tips

The terms moving and relocating are a bit the same, which means vacating the fixed location into the new place. This can be in the same are, but also in the different country. There are some things to prepare for moving, like packing up all stuffs you have, transfer it to the new house and unpacking it, then you also need to think about the bureaucratic and administrative tasks, such as changing data, insurance changing, and services.

Well, there are some things you need to prepare for moving and relocating in period of time. In 6 weeks before the move, you need starting to clean your cupboards, closets, garage, and basement. Choose anything you need and want and discard the one you don’t need. List everything you want to move, make the complete one. Leave every furniture will not be suitable for your new house or office. Start to contact the service you use for the old house, tell them that you are going to move.

In 3 weeks before the move, start to discontinue the service you use for old house, for instance newspaper and also sanitation. Start to check the safety-deposit box, to make sure all valuable things are in provided space, and then you can ship them in insured mail. You also need to verify your departure date to utility companies and also the landlord of the old house. Ask friends or the landlord of new house whether there are family doctors you can go. Before moving and relocating, send them your medical records. In one week before the move, prepare your family and children to clean all the stuff they want to bring, put it in the box and mark them. Keep the telephone still be connected until a day before your move. Leave everything essential until a day before the move as well.

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