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Kinds of Commercial Property

Property advertisers sometimes use every way to attract their customers to buy commercial property they sell. Real estate industrial and commercial are quite promising business that you can try. Their scope of work is also wider, from warehouse to office building, and even also building factories. Some websites offer you many choices on the best property you will have. You can search it by the location you want, from the price you want, and also the kinds of property you want.

There are at least 6 types of commercial property today. The first we have is industrial property. The range is wide, start from small properties which are sometimes called as ‘R&D’ or ‘Flex’ to larger properties like warehouse and office service. We also have very large properties which sometimes are called as ‘big box’ properties. Two things to consider about these industrial properties are the clear height, or the total height that certain property has and also the number of docks and also the type of the property. The second we have in commercial property is office building. This includes small professional offices, single-tenant properties, and also skyscrapers.

We also have restaurant building. This includes single tenant retail buildings, shopping centers, grocery stores, highway frontages’ pad sites, mall, and every building which the purpose is for entertainment. Number four in commercial property is multifamily building. This includes apartment or high-rise apartment building or commercial real estate. The fifth we have in this property is land. This can be raw land, rural land for future development, undeveloped land and also infill land with pad sites and urban area, and many more. We also have other things which cannot be categorized to those categories above. We have hospitality, medical buildings, hotel building, or self storage developments, or something which are also known as nonresidential commercial properties.

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